Assault & Battery

Philip Holloway is a Leading Assault and Battery Defense Lawyer in Cobb County

If you are facing serious aggravated assault and battery charges in the Atlanta area you need representation from a leading criminal defense law group in Cobb County.   The Marietta-based Holloway Law Group, led by dedicated Cobb County defense attorney, Philip A. Holloway, has successfully handled thousands of criminal defense cases and has an impressive record of winning jury verdicts.   Mr. Holloway is well versed in felony assault and battery charges, and will tirelessly serve as your advocate to prepare a strong defense for your case.


Facing charges of aggravated assault or aggravated battery?  If so, seek immediate legal representation by an experienced criminal defense lawyer today.  Contact our Cobb County law firm online or call 770-428-2433 or 678-362-6177.


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