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Philip A. Holloway, founder of the Marietta-based Holloway Law Group, is an aggressive and dedicated drug defense attorney in the Atlanta-area. If you have charges pending against you for a violation of drug trafficking laws, you need the immediate services of an experienced drug trafficking lawyer who can defend you from a position of strength as your case works its way through the complex court system.

Federal and state drug trafficking laws can be very confusing, and an experienced drug trafficking attorney can help you determine the next steps to take. If you have been arrested for drug trafficking in Georgia, the penalties can be extremely harsh. Depending on the circumstances of your case, your potential consequences will vary. However, there are severe minimum mandatory jail sentences for drug trafficking and fines can reach into the millions of dollars.

Federal drug trafficking laws are consistent throughout the nation, but each state also has jurisdiction over how it treats controlled substances. As a qualified drug trafficking attorney in the Cobb County area, Mr. Holloway can help you quickly evaluate your case and determine what penalties you may potentially be facing in court.
Controlled substances are divided into “schedules," and the penalties for trafficking these substances vary due to amount and classification. If you are accused of drug trafficking with a juvenile, you may face severe enhancements in potential punishment.  From his offices in Cobb County, Georgia, Mr. Holloway will conduct an independent investigation into your case in order to determine the facts necessary to achieve the most positive outcome.

Mr. Holloway is a dedicated, aggressive Cobb County drug defense attorney who can guide you through the complexities of trafficking charges. This field of law is very difficult, because each controlled substance is treated differently in court, and each case further varies due to the individual’s past criminal record and the amount of the controlled substance in question. Don’t face a felony criminal charge alone – it can stay on your record for life and devastate your future. Contact the Holloway Law Group to speak with an experienced Cobb County criminal defense attorney today.
Mr. Holloway offers his services as a highly-qualified drug trafficking lawyer to clients in Atlanta, Cobb County, Marietta, Acworth, Powder Springs, Smyrna, Austell, Kennesaw and Woodstock. Those in violation of federal drug trafficking laws are encouraged to contact the Holloway Law Group to speak with a highly-respected drug trafficking attorney. Mr. Holloway will tirelessly and aggressively advocate for your case, preparing a strong defense from day one. If you have been arrested for drug trafficking, we can help. 

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