Megan W. Grout

Megan W. Grout

Of Counsel to the Holloway Law Group, Megan Grout has handled legal matters all over the State of Georgia. She has experience defending felony and misdemeanor cases, including DUI, drugs, and family-related criminal arrests. She strongly believes in the Holloway Law Group philosophy that we can help every client in need. Facing a criminal charge can be frightening and stressful. Megan understands that the best attorneys are those who aggressively fight for their client, while keeping their client informed and involved throughout the process. The Holloway Law Group believes in having a team of experienced people available to answer client questions at any time, and Megan is proud to be part of that team.

 A cum laude graduate of the University of Georgia School of Law, Megan also holds a Bachelor Of Science from Ithaca College. She has assisted in civil cases heard before the Georgia Court of Appeals, and also co-authored legal opinion articles for CNN.  Megan is highly active in her community, including serving on the boards of several civic and educational organizations.

 Megan has been a member of the State Bar of Georgia since 1997.  She was admitted to practice in the United States District Court, the Northern District of Georgia, and the Georgia Court of Appeals in 1998.


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