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If you have been injured by someone else's negligence or carelessness, trust your personal injury case to Philip A. Holloway, a respected Atlanta personal injury attorney. Founder of the Marietta-based Holloway Law Group, Mr. Holloway is experienced in personal injury law. He aggressively handles cases including car accident liability claims and police brutality. The Holloway Law Group is the place to call in extreme cases where a wrongful death attorney is needed. These are cases where an individual's death is caused by the negligence of another party.

No matter the cause, Mr. Holloway will aggressively and tirelessly pursue your case, conducting a thorough independent investigation in order to discover the facts necessary to achieve the best possible outcome. As a well-qualified personal injury attorney, Mr. Holloway will work to settle your claim favorably and quickly. The complex field of personal injury law requires that you speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer before making any written or verbal statements to insurance companies or to their representatives, as those statements can affect the outcome of your case.

Holloway Law Group: Cobb County Personal Injury Law Expertise

Personal injury law in Georgia (including Atlanta and other surrounding areas) can be overwhelming without proper representation. In most cases, you must prove that the person who caused your injuries did not use reasonable care and caused you harm. As an experienced and dedicated personal injury attorney, Mr. Holloway will help you prove that you suffered damages, and that another individual (or individuals) were careless and negligent, resulting in your injury.

Mr. Holloway is an experienced Atlanta personal injury attorney who has been successful in the field of personal injury law. The Holloway Law Group can also represent you in cases in which you were injured by a consumer product, providing you with the guidance and representation necessary in order to prove that a manufacturer or seller is responsible for your harm. As an experienced personal injury attorney, Mr. Holloway can help you determine whether or not you will require an expert witness for your case and exactly what type of recovery you are entitled to. A personal injury lawyer is instrumental in resolving all types of personal injury cases, and Mr. Holloway will fight for you to achieve the best possible result.

Mr. Holloway handles cases as a personal injury attorney to clients in Atlanta, Cobb County, Marietta, Acworth, Powder Springs, Austell, Smyrna, Kennesaw and Woodstock. For more information about personal injury law, contact our Atlanta personal injury law firm online. To speak with a skilled personal injury lawyer, call Mr. Holloway at 770-428-2433 or 678-362-6177 about your case.


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